At Sweet Earth Farm, our desire is to leave the land and the surrounding environment better than we found it. We use regenerative farming practices to not only sustain the existing ecosystems around us, but to improve them so that the people, the livestock, the plant life, the micro-organisms in the soil, and all the wild animals and insects that live on or pass through our farm, now and into the future, can thrive.

Joe Piotti, Owner headshot

Joe Piotti, Owner

Sweet Earth Farm

I have wanted to be an organic farmer for most of my life. I have seen firsthand how difficult it is to acquire land, find and create community, build a business, and do it all with integrity and stick to the organic principles of health, ecology, fairness and care in everything we do. For me, farming without these principles would be to turn away from the most pressing issues of our time on Earth. Part of my farm work is cultivating gratitude for the short time we have on this planet, and living every day with the intention to create a better world for future generations.

Colleen Freake, Owner headshot

Colleen Freake, Owner

Tidal Wild Farm

We choose to use organic roasting and packaging practices to maintain the integrity of regenerative organic agricultural practices and the organic value chain. Our customers understand that their health, the health of the planet, and the health of coffee growers is respected and emphasized when products are grown and processed with these values in mind. Every purchase we make is a vote that we make for a better world with our hard-earned dollars. When we buy organic coffee from growers who understand the needs of their land and community and treat it with the respect it deserves, we are investing in a better world.

Joey Pittoello, General Manager headshot

Joey Pittoello, General Manager

Just Us! Fair Trade Coffee

I want to supply the best food for my family and consumers that I can and I believe organic methods allow me to do this. I believe that my customers are as concerned about healthy living and a healthy environment as I am. It is important for all of us to support local organic farms, to keep and increase the availability of good, clean food. The more local support of local organic farms, the more protection there will be for our water, soil and homes.

Danny Bruce, Owner headshot

Danny Bruce, Owner

Bruce Family Farm

In the face of the climate crisis Pamela and Wayne believe that farming organically is a proven way to build a resilient, sustainable agricultural and vibrant rural communities. Being certified organic assures our customers that we are accountable for how we farm, that our products are grown in ways that build healthy soils, enhance bio-diversity and are free of dangerous additives.

Wayne Edgar, Operator headshot

Wayne Edgar, Operator

North of Nuttby Farm

I grow certified organic food because I believe in a food system that honours the earth and every species on it. I can't change what someone else does, but I can grow food within a system on our farm that depends on diversity of plants and animals, healthy soil, and attention to practices that reduce carbon emissions. I can do this and I can share it with others.

Patricia Bishop headshot

Patricia Bishop

Owner, TapRoot Farms

We believe the land we all live on is borrowed. When we are no longer here, what will our legacy be? Our governing principle is to leave this bit of earth we call Coastal Grove Farm a verdant oasis that can support life and feed the community for generations to come. These goals are best realized through organic practices.

Matthew Roy headshot

Matthew Roy

Owner, Coastal Grove Farm